The only one who can grace your space with
love, compassion, and empowerment is you.

If you desire to change your reality,
to embrace more of your authentic self,
and are willing to emotionally and spiritually commit,
you will open pathways within yourself
far beyond your grandest visions.

If you are ready,
let us begin.


There is a consistent theme to all that I bring to my work and service. Healing is always an inside job. Healing, which I equate to deepening our love of ourselves and uplifting our vibration, can only manifest with our release of resistance, coupled with ownership of our unconscious shadow aspects. It may be subtle or profound, and it all occurs when we shift our perspective of our world, and our sacred relationship to everything in it. From that shift, joy emerges.


My work is about energy – where it flows, and where it’s been diverted, and thus made inaccessible. When the energy within and around us is cut off from its source (spirit/God/universe), it becomes clutter. Clutter is most often associated with the stuff in our homes and lives that overwhelm us.

However, the most profound impact on our lives emanates from the clutter within us – in the form of belief systems and programming (from our current families and culture, as well as the ancestral memories stored within our DNA).

The world is in great transition, welcoming us to respond through our hearts rather than our intellect. You are being vibrationally supported to go deeper, to expand your perspective of your unique self, and recognize you came here to offer your very special gifts in service to healing and transformation. You are invited to accept your place as a sacred human being and expand in ways you never imagined possible.

With more than 25 years of personal growth and exploration, I am here to offer you my graceful wisdom, clarity, and guidance as you embark on the journey of a lifetime.

For more information or to schedule your appointment,
contact Ashi at 303.809.3554 or
click here.

“Ashi is a keen listener, with an open-heart. She is a gentle, yet no-nonsense dispenser of wisdom. I owe a great deal of credit to Ashi for her guidance, intuition, and unique ability to peel back the layers of resistance, reconnect me to myself, and open the door to let the light shine through to my truly brilliant life!”

– Alexandra Hill, Denver, CO

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